Old San Juan Wedding

The Experience

What we want with our photography is for you to see, with your own eyes, that your love is deserving; it’s powerful and beautiful. There is no other love like yours.

In a world where comparison is the norm, in a world where times seem to go by so fast, we want you to take value in what you share and give yourself the gift of legacy. In the end these moments will be yours to keep for years to come.



An adventure elopement is an intimate wedding that is all about the couple and their unique celebration of love. lt is distinguished by the element of adventure and spontaneity. Our favorite part is it can be celebrated in endless possibilities of ways. From a sunrise hiking session, waiting for the sun to come out on the top of a mountain to share your vows, hiking to a waterfall, or really anything that makes you feel alive! An adventure elopement skips a lot of elements of a traditional wedding like the venue, strict timelines and decorations. lt can be just the couple sharing their vows and adventuring, or with their closest family members and friends. Up to 8 guests !



We want to have access to the most beautiful expressions of your love and turn all of this into timeless memories. The first kiss, the look you give each other, the spontaneous laughs that sometimes go unnoticed, the emotions of friends and family: these are memories that will be portrayed in our photography, It's a gift that will be with you 5, 15, 30 years later along the way. Our photography is an investment for your memory.